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Thank you for visiting Naturally Curious UK. My name is Graham Wallis, and I love photographing and filming wildlife and nature of all sorts here in the UK. This website serves mainly as a convenient entry point for my YouTube channel, my Facebook page, and my Flickr photostream.

My hope being that they will all encourage you to always "Keep enjoying the wonders of nature where YOU are!"

If you wish to get in touch with Naturally Curious UK then you can either send a message via Facebook or you can use our Contact Form.

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By way of a taster here's a handful of photos.
To see them larger just click whichever image you want to start with
to open a navigable photo roll.

Dartford Warbler
Coots In The Blue
Sunlit Toadstools
Foxy Stretch
Playful Wild Otters
Robin On Ledge
Misty Sunrise Dagenham Chase
Water Vole